Rob Seward

Robbie Seward

Professional Tennis Coach

Meet Robbie Seward, an esteemed tennis professional whose passion for the game has transformed the tennis experience at Buttonwood Tennis Club over the past three years. With a remarkable background in tennis, Robbie brings a wealth of expertise and dedication to every lesson and interaction.

Starting his journey as a standout junior player in Colorado, Robbie quickly ascended to the top ranks, showcasing his talent and determination on the court. His collegiate career at the University of San Diego further solidified his prowess, where he held positions 4-6 on the men’s tennis team and competed at the top level of NCAA Division 1.

Following his collegiate success, Robbie transitioned into coaching, taking on the role of Director of Tennis at Barnes Tennis Center in San Diego. His leadership and guidance propelled players of all levels to achieve their full potential, earning him a reputation as a highly respected coach in the tennis community.

Continuing his journey across borders, Robbie served as the Director of Tennis and Manager at the Cayman Islands Tennis Club, where he further expanded his impact on the tennis world. His dedication to developing players’ skills and nurturing their love for the game earned him accolades and admiration from players and colleagues alike.

One of Robbie’s most notable achievements is his track record of coaching success. He has mentored three juniors who have gone on to compete at the highest levels of professional tennis, earning spots in the ATP/WTA tours. Additionally, Robbie had the honor of coaching the number one wheelchair player in the world, showcasing his versatility and commitment to inclusivity in the sport.

Furthermore, Robbie’s impact extends beyond the professional circuit, as he has guided over 50 juniors to secure coveted tennis scholarships at universities across the country. His ability to inspire and empower young players to pursue their dreams both on and off the court is a testament to his exceptional coaching skills and unwavering dedication.

At Buttonwood Tennis Club, Robbie’s passion for tennis and genuine care for his students shine through in every lesson and interaction. Whether teaching kids or adults, he creates a supportive and encouraging environment where players can thrive and reach their full potential. With Robbie at the helm, the future of tennis at Buttonwood Tennis Club looks brighter than ever.